Tracking your emails with

I'm going to tell you about a great service I use a lot and I'd like to see you use it too. Its free and it has lots of benefits and advantages.

It is to be found at campaigner and once you sign up for it and start using it you will understand its benefits real well.

If you use it and send me an email (for example) you will get a report back that tells you when I opened your email, how long it took me to read it and if I open it, read it and close it then open it again later it wil also tell you that.

If I were to forward your email to anyone else it would tell you I did that, when that person opened it and how long they took to read it.

There are other bells and whistles too. You can do a pretty fair job of customization once you get into the configuration menus.

The one thing you want to watch out for is that you don't demand that I send you an email receipt for opening your emails. Some of you do that now and I never hit the send button. The reason I don't acknowledge receipt is that my firewall won't let me do it for some strange reason. With Campaigner you don't need that because you are going to get a receipt anyway.

Now then, let me explain the whys and wherefores bit more. Let us assume that you send me an email and I don't answer it. Why would I ignore your emails? Well, I usually wouldn't but sometimes when deleting some to the junk emails I get a "key bounce" effect and more than one email gets deleted. The one that got unintentionly deleted might very well have been your email. I probably would not have any way of responding to you since I don't keep email address books because of the virus problems.

Then maybe I don't get back to you because I'm extremely busy from time to time and your email gets shoved down the stack of constantly incoming emails and goes by unnoticed, and you don't get the service we both want you to have.

Now then, with Campaigner you can know exactly when I opened your email or if I didn't even open it. You know that I want to give you the very best service possible and you know that I want to get your email answered within 24 hours if at all possible. That means that if I don't answer you within 24 hours something has gone wrong. What might have gone wrong? As we all know, anything can go wrong with email. You make a typo and I don't get it but for whatever reason you don't get a mailer daemon return from it, So there you sit, getting madder by the hour. And I am oblivious to what has happened.

If you use service lots of that frustration can be eliminated. You can send me another email if I don't answer within 24 hours so you can be sure to get my attention and some action going for you.

If I open the email you will know when I opened it and if I don't get back to you within 24 hours you will know it is time to start calling me or asking me what for and why.

Use it for sending email to other businesses for the same reasons. And use it with friends, relatives and whoever for the same reasons. It isn't about trying to track them down or stalk anyone although you could come pretty close with the pro version I use. I could not use it to find your house and actually drive right up to your front door except by accident. In order to actually do that I would have to know your actual address but lacking that I could drive right up to your door, sit there in front of your house and look around me and wonder which house was really yours and not know I was sitting right in front of it. And why on earth would I want to do that anyway?

I use it because I want to know that you got what I sent you and so why wouldn't you use it for the same reason?

I think it can be used when sending payments by paypal too. I'd like you to start trying to use it when sending in a payment. That would make sure you sent it to and not to or some other bad address and if you did that you would have a way to track the mistake and get your money back faster so you can send it to the right address.

You don't even have to sign up for their service to start using it. All you have to do is send an email to someone such as and campaigner will immediately pick up on that and send you back a confirmation telling you that they opened a free temporary account for you. Then you can follow the links in that and go sign up and customize your settings and start using it.

Security and service are important to all of us and this tool heightens both of those a whole lot. Get it and try it. I think you will like it.

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