GetResponse Review

GetResponse is a complete email marketing software that can enable small businesses create and send beautiful unlimited emails or newsletters to their customers or subscribers . GetResponse has over 300,000 users and customers from over 180 countries .With GetResponse you can create attractive newsletters using more than 300+ custom HTML templates . GetResponse will also assist you in increasing your email marketing campaign since it integrate with social media such as Facebook , Twitter and more . You can easily share all your newsletters across all your social networks automatically .GetResponse also has an analytics feature that can help you view open , clicks , sales and sign-ups for each campaign you send in real-time . The full features provided by GetResponse are provided below .

Email Creation

GetResponse has an intuitive interface and editor that can let you create as many email campaigns as you want . You will be able to create and send as many campaigns , newsletters and broadcasts as you want . You can use their WYSIWYG editor to write , manage and edit your email campaigns so that you can reach the right audience with the right message every time .

GetResponse Web Form Builder

GetResponse has a web form builder that you can use to create engaging web forms to place on your website to capture leads . You are also provided with about 500+ beautiful web form templates that you can use in creating your web form depending on your business . You have the possibility to customize your web form by adding checkboxes , radio buttons and custom fields .

GetResponse Email-To-Speech Feature

With GetResponse email-to-speech , the email text you send to your subscribers will automatically be converted into high quality human voice so that your subscribers can instead listen to your emails . This feature can be good for that busy subscriber who does not have time to read emails .

GetResponse Video Email Marketing

With GetResponse video email marketing you can create , store , send and share high-impart video emails . Using GetResponse multimedia studio you can record , upload and store up to 1GB of audio and video files in your account . You can record audio and video files directly from your account using your webcam . You can also upload other videos that you will like to include in your newsletter into your account . Videos may include product demos , customer testimonials and more . You can share your videos on twitters or Facebook with a single click . You can even upload it to your website or blog or send it to friends or business subscribers .

GetResponse Iist Segmentation

With GetResponse you can segment your list or group your customers based on customer email activity , geographical location , profile data collected from web forms and surveys , city , zip code and more . This will enable you send relevant content to your subscribers to get better result .

GetResponse Social Media Integration

GetResponse has powerful integration and social media features that can enable you share your newsletters across all your social media networks automatically . For example you can add social share buttons to your newsletters so that your subscribers can spread it to others . You can also share your newsletters or campaigns on Facebook , Twitter and other social medias automatically .

GetResponse iphone Applications

GetResponse iphone application gives you instant access to your dashboard and key stats . You can add new contacts or subscribers to your email list wherever you are in minutes . You can even import contacts from your address book and add them to your list . You can even add or remove campaigns . You can track the progress on your campaigns while you're on the move .

GetResponse Online Surveys

Email surveys are the best way to find out what your customers think and want . With GetResponse surveys you can ask as many questions as you want and get the data you need to improve your products . Online surveys capture feedback from your customers to help you improve your products , target campaigns .

GetResponse Email Analytics

Use GetResponse email Analytics to view opens , clicks , sales and sign ups in real time . You can use email analytics to track email clicks , open and sales revenue . You can use click-tracking to see which email links were the most popular .You can also track bounces and unsubscribes . You can track your campaign performance over time to understand patterns and trends . This will assist in identifying the weakest links and top performing elements of your campaigns .

GetResponse unlimited follow up messages

It can take up to 5 contacts to make a sale so it's very critical to follow up . With GetResponse you can set up your follow up messages on autopilot and GetResponse will send them for you . Messages may include birthday greetings , surveys , event alerts , sales campaigns and even welcome notes . In creating your follow-ups you just need to enter the number of days the follow-ups should begin .

GetResponse Split Testing

Incase you really want to know which email subjust , personalization techniques and style will drive more clicks and convert leads into sales then split testing will provide the result you need . With split testing you can create about five messages with different personalization techniques , subjects and styles and GetResponse will automatically test and select the best message .

Customer Support

Anyone can contact GetResponse by phone Monday to Friday 8a.m to 8p.m EST and on saturday 9a.m to 5p.m EST . GetResponse also has email support . The is an online forum where you can chat with other GetResponse members .

GetResponse Pricing

Free Trial

New members can try GetResponse for free . During your free trial period you can store up to 100 subscribers or contacts and can send a maximum of 500 emails per Month . GetResponse free trial is always free meaning it does not have limit on number of days

Pricing Plan

The GetResponse pricing plan is Monthly and the full plan is shown below

Subscribers Price per Month Sending Emails
1 to 250 $9.95 unlimited
251 to 500 $14.00 unlimited
501 to 1,000 $18.00 unlimited
1,001 to 2,500 $25.00 unlimited
2,501 to 5,000 $45.00 unlimited
5,001 to 10,000 $65.00 unlimited
10,001 to 15,000 $105.00 unlimited
15,001 to 25,000 $145.00 unlimited
25,001 to 50,000 $235.00 unlimited
 50,000+ Contact GetResponse  
With GetResponse email marketing you can send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders. You can sign up free ..

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